Diary of a Worm: Teacher’s Pet by Lori Haskins Houran

16248096I always have mixed feelings when a favorite picture book is adapted to the easy reader format by someone other than the original author. I often think of the adaptation as illegitimate, or at least in some way inferior to the original picture book. Despite my misgivings, however, this spin-off of Diary of a Worm actually works for me.

Following the same format used by Doreen Cronin in the original book, Lori Haskins Houran writes a series of entries in Worm’s diary, in which he recounts his struggle to find the perfect present to give his teacher, Mrs. Mulch, for her birthday. Fly and Spider have some ideas, including a dung ball paperweight, Trash Splash perfume, and silk slippers, but none of these seem right for a worm. Just when Worm thinks he will have to show up at the class party empty-handed, though, inspiration strikes and he comes up with a new twist on the old familiar gift of an apple for the teacher.

This book really captures the mood and humor of the original Diary of a Worm, while providing text that is simple enough to be read by a brand-new reader. See my full review on my blog.

Katie Fitzgerald
Story Time Secrets