February 2014 Carnival of Children’s Literature

How does that old saying go?

If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.

So here we are, getting ready for the February 2014 Carnival of Children’s Literature. You may recall that last month the January 2014 Carnival of Children’s Literature went live on this blog. And then, the WordPress bots shut us down. We sent out too many posts in one day! I sent an error message to WordPress as soon as I found out, but it was a Friday afternoon…

…so on Sunday I gathered all of the links and started all over again. (Sunday was 2/2. It was the Carnival of Children’s Literature Groundhog Day Edition!) I moved the January 2014 Carnival of Children’s Literature to Pinterest.

And there we will stay. As you can see, the carnival blog was restored. That’s why I can send you this message. But it was clear that our once-a-month gathering of posts needed a new home. Some months we had 30-40 people share their links, and if the bot shut us down after only 7 posts, then a blog was not the best place for us.

One of my goals for 2014 was to find a way to crowdsource the carnival. I wanted everyone to be able to add their own links. Adding 30-40 links to a single blog post was a lot of work each month for our volunteers, so I thought a group blog might work. Well, it didn’t…but I had also been trying to find a way to share the carnival on Pinterest, so I decided to move the carnival there. We can move the carnival to Pinterest because they have something called a group board. Everyone who belongs to the group can add pins to the board.

Q. What will the carnival look like on Pinterest?
A. We will follow these steps (also explained on the new About page)…

I will set up a new board on the 26th of each month and make a call for pins on Twitter and this carnival blog.

  1. Follow the new board, so I can invite you to join it.
  2. To join the first time, send me your Pinterest email address.
  3. After you join the board for the current month, you have until the end of the month to add your pin.

FYI: Over the years we have had many people try to use the carnival to sell their own books. You never saw those links because they were NEVER added to the posts. Now that we have moved to a new format, I want to make it clear that this policy is still in place. We share books, we don’t sell them. “Buy my book” pins will be removed.

Netiquette Note: Our focus is the content, not the sale.

  1. It’s okay to add a link to purchase the book, but the blog post must talk about the contents of the book, not just sell it.
  2. If you are blogging about a book you have written or published, the ONE pin rule also applies. Pinning the same book month after month is not what the carnival is about.
  3. “Buy my book” pins and/or multiple pins about the same book by a single person will result in the removal of both the person and their pins.

Q. Do you need to join Pinterest to participate?
A. Yes, this blog meme has moved to a new social media format. Pinterest is easy to use, and it links back to the source, so adding a pin of the book cover in your favorite blog post each month will bring readers back to your blog. It’s a great way to share the books you love!

Today is the 26th day of February, so this month’s group board, the February 2014 Carnival of Children’s Literature is now on Pinterest. I look forward to seeing you there!

~ Anastasia Suen, Carnival of Children’s Literature Manager