April 2014 Carnival of Children’s Literature

What was your favorite children’s book this month? Select ONE of your April 2014 blog posts about children’s literature and add it to the carnival!

So far this year, I’ve been creating a NEW board each month, and that means starting from scratch each time. This month I am taking a new approach – and I have made a new board for the entire year! (The plan is to move all of the older pins to this new board.)

If you have added pins in the past, please follow the new 2014 board so I can follow you back and invite you to pin on this board.

If this is your first time to add a post to our board, please email me by using the contact form on our About page.

  1. If you are already on Pinterest, I will invite you to the board so you can add your own pin.
  2. If you are NOT on Pinterest, I will pin the blog post for you.

Please add your April post by the 30th. Thanks!

~ Anastasia Suen, Carnival of Children’s Literature Manager